Simply stated, “Holy Baptism is the full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble.” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 298).

By the term, “full initiation,” the Episcopal Church means that no other rite or sacramental act is required of a person for full membership. Through Baptism, one is admitted to the Holy Eucharist and enabled to participate fully in the life of the congregation as age and ability permit.

The normal dates when baptisms may be performed in Episcopal parishes have been set by the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer. Those times are on Easter Eve, the Day of Pentecost, All Saints’ Day (or the Sunday after All Saints’ Day), and on the feast of the Baptism of our Lord (the First Sunday after Epiphany). The practice of “private baptism” is not normative in the Episcopal Church and is not used except in cases of dire medical emergency.

At Trinity, there is a required class of five weeks for adults and for the parents and sponsors of children. This provides everyone adequate instruction relative to the responsibilities and joys of church membership and life in Christ.

Godparents and sponsors must be baptized and active members of a church. A letter of reference will be asked of the pastor of the godparents’ or sponsors’ church to verify membership and activity.

Please contact the church office with any questions regarding Baptism and for more details.