Sunday School News

This is proving to be a very exciting year around Trinity. Starting with our welcome back in September to our Halloween Fall Festival in October, and now on to our Potluck Dinner and Movie night in November, the children have been having a grand time. December 13th is a “can’t miss” as our children present the St. Lucia Festival of Lights at 6 pm. Activities are planned for each month throughout the year. See some of the pictures on our FB page
Our theme this year is “Weaving God’s Promises” and our children have been exploring everything from “In the Beginning” such as Creation and stories of Noah to stories about Abraham and Moses. They play games that teach about the lesson, do exciting crafts, and other fun activities. They have learned about Baptism as they saw a future candidate for our Sunday School being baptized.

Becoming an acolyte has been exciting for many of them, as they learn to serve God by helping on the altar during services. Even the younger ones look forward to serving in this way.

We invite children of all ages to join us. The youngest, those under 2, will be attended to in the nursery and have their own little lesson. The oldest (those above 6th grade) will assist us in teaching as helpers and leaders. Our roster of teachers and helpers include John Nothdurft, Rebecca Blaszczyk, and Jordan Danner. The children look forward to coming each week and our numbers are growing.

Children are offered a variety of activities throughout the year. We encourage them to participate in as many of these opportunities as possible as a means of fellowship. A collection is taken each week to teach our children about the joy of giving.

Children are always welcome in our services and we feel it is an integral part of their education. Unless you request otherwise, the children will be brought to the church each Sunday at the Peace so they may partake in Communion with their families. If you do not feel your child is ready to take communion, they can still join you at the altar rail and the priest will say a blessing for them.

The Sunday School registration form is attached here. Registration forms can also be found in the Church entranceway on the display case or in the Sunday School building.

We are excited about this year of changes and growth! Please contact the Church Office for more information.