Trinity “Old Swedes ” is a local community church. That means that our identity is primarily focused on the community where we are located – a small town in an area which until quite recently was one of the key farming areas of our region, producing tomatoes, asparagus, peaches, blueberries, pumpkins and many other fruits and vegetables for the tables of America. However, the need for more housing in the Tri-State region has meant the building of large new housing developments in our area.

Our congregation includes members whose families have been in Swedesboro for many years, and members who have recently moved into Woolwich and Logan. They represent the full diversity of our region, drawing from Swedish, Italian, Irish, African American, and English roots. Our worship is “middle of the road.” We emphasize good preaching married with good liturgy. We follow the traditions of our Episcopal heritage in the Book of Common Prayer, while working hard to make our worship accessible to all ages and to both cradle-born Episcopalians and newcomers.